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Princess | Wedding Coordination

For couples who need an expert to execute their perfect wedding day. Turnover can start 1 – 2 months before your wedding.

  • Set-up an initial meeting to lay out all wedding ideas and thoughts and get going with the wedding planning
  • Provide unlimited bridal consultations and assistance through e-mail and mobile upon signing of the contract up to the wedding day
  • Provide the couple with a wedding guide and checklist
  • Discuss with the couple a list of all suppliers that they might need for their wedding
  • Give out recommended suppliers as needed or requested
  • Request from the couple soft copies of all contracts to track service inclusions and payment procedure guidelines
  • Confer with the couple and the suppliers on the details of services and final agreements
  • Offer our opinions on the different advantages and disadvantages of each wedding detail
  • Help organize the ceremony program by providing templates: Catholic missalette/Christian program, readers and offerors template, optional readings, etc.
  • Finalize with the couple the processional and pictorial order and recessional options
  • Assist in conceptualizing and organizing the reception program and give recommended activities
  • Design the reception program according to what was discussed with the couple: schedule, order, games, materials, songs, speech givers, etc.
  • Furnish the couple with the wedding day schedule
  • Coordinate with all the suppliers regarding call-time and number of personnel
  • Provide templates for the seating arrangement
  • Coordinate with readers and offerors regarding their call-time and their roles in the mass
  • Coordinate with suppliers regarding reminders, call-time and hotel room number of the couple
  • Ensure proper guest management, floor plan layout, and seating arrangements
  • Assure the smooth flow of the wedding ceremony and reception
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