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Eric and Stacey

February 16, 2014
Church | San Antonio de Padua
Reception | The Hills at Silang
Photo | Ian Santillan
Video | MG Video

When a man likes someone, he makes a move. When a man falls in love, he never holds back. He says it. He makes it happen. When Eric first saw Stacey, he knew from that moment that he has to meet this girl. He has to make every effort, even the silliest ideas he could think of. Stacey later on grew feelings for Eric. Now, they’re about to start a new chapter together.

The couple wanted their wedding to have a rustic-vintage feel. As is evident in the groomsmens’ sharp suits and the bridesmaids’ glamorous dresses. They had their ceremony in San Antonio de Padua and held their reception in The Hills at Silang. It was truly a momentous and wonderful celebration together with their family and friends.

To Eric and Stacey, we are very happy to have coordinated and planned your wedding with you. May you always find in each other love, laughter and happiness! Thank you for making your wedding an Empire Wedding.

Eric & Stacey from Mervin Gobaco on Vimeo.

Chino and Camille

February 7, 2014
Church | San Antonio de Padua
Reception | Two Gardens
Photo | Neil Ong
Video | Notion in Motion

We always remember our firsts. First love, first date and of course, our first kiss. But what we’ll always remember is our “last first kiss”.

San Antonio de Padua in Silang, Cavite was the perfect venue for Chino and Camille’s wedding ceremony. The couple wanted a rustic garden wedding, so the reception took place in Two Gardens, which consistently matched their theme. It was a picture perfect venue for all their guests to experience. The couple was evidently very happy and in-love. Surely, being surrounded by their families and friends made their joyous gathering extraordinary.

To Chino and Camille, it was a pleasure for us to become part of your wedding. We wish that your love for each other continue to blossom every day. We are grateful to you both for allowing us to help you plan your lovely wedding. Thank you for making your wedding an Empire Wedding.

Chino and Camille {same day edit} from Notion in Motion on Vimeo.

Mike and Fel

February 1, 2014
Church | Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine
Reception | The Glass Garden
Dress | Lunss Design
Video | Jake Olaso Films

Pastel colors filled the entire day. From dresses, to flowers, to centerpieces, each detail mirroring the colorful personality of both Mike and Fel. The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine was filled with the couples’ family and friends as they witnessed Mike and Fel’s profession of vows to each other. The reception was held at The Glass Garden. Here, they continued celebrating the union of their two families with glasses clinging and heartfelt kisses. It was truly a colorful night of love and celebration.

To Mike and Fel, we would like to express our gratitude for choosing us to become part of every detail of your wedding. We are happy that you entrusted us in making your dream wedding come to life. We wish that your love for each other grows deeper and stronger. Thank you for making your wedding an Empire Wedding!

Mike and Fel Same Day Edit from Jake Olaso on Vimeo.

Bryan and Michelle

January 26, 2014
Church | St. Stephen’s Parish
Reception | Century Park Hotel
Photo | Imagine Nation by Jamie Lihan
Video | Photo MNL

Bryan and Michelle had a solemn ceremony held at the St. Stephen’s Parish. After which, everyone proceed to Century Park Hotel for the dinner reception. However, as the sun was about to set, traffic leading into the hotel was unusually heavy. Bryan and Michelle, not letting the traffic dampen their mood, decided to go down their bridal car and walk through the bumper-to-bumper traffic to the hotel. People started congratulating them along the way as they happily walked, still in their wedding gown and suit.

Thank you Bryan and Michelle for choosing us to coordinate your wedding. We are happy to have become a part of it. We hope that you will continue to not let anything stop you in your pursuit of living a wonderful life together. Thank you for making your wedding an Empire Wedding.

Bryan and Michelle | Same Day Edit from kier bulseco on Vimeo.

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