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Boutonniere 101

On Suits, yes!

A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. If our handsome groom is wearing a coat and a tie , we dedicate the most special boutonniere to the groom. It is a practice that the flower of the groom is taken from the bouquet of his bride.

It is also recommended that all members of the entourage be given boutonnieres to show them that they are special. This is also a way for everyone to differentiate your entourage with other wedding guests who are wearing suits. These boutonnieres are pinned at the lapel portion of the left side of the gentlemen.


On Barongs, must not!

In weddings or events where Barong is the attire specified, please DO NOT put on boutonnieres. Besides that it will ruin your Pina Barong, it is not our custom to put anything on our Filipino costume. Barongs should be worn as is, with no added embellishment.


Get Creative!

Typically, a flower would suffice as a boutonniere. However, you can get creative and use different ones based on:

Sentimental value:

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The theme:


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